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VA 40 rebirth



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Grand Prix 2023


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Grand Prix 2023


[Audio Excellence Award 2023]

Middle Class Grand Prize


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Best Buy Component No. 1  

Integrated Amplifier              

JPY200,000 – JPY400,000

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Best Buy Component 2023 Winter

Integrated Amplifier

JPY200,000 – JPY400.000

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No. 1  Best Buy Component

YEAR COMPO 2023 Mo.1

Integrated Amplifier

JPY200,000 – JPY400,000


[VGP Award]

Pure Audio 2024 Special


[VGP Award]

Prize Pure Audio 2024 Award  

Integrated Amplifier

JPY200,000 –-JPY400,000

VA-40 rebirth is an integrated amplifier designed to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Aura Design. It is designed to faithfully reproduce the circuit design of the original VA-40 model, but with the latest devices, ingenious internal construction and an efficient cooling system, making it an outstanding piece of pure analogue amplification created by modern technology. The VA-40 rebirth has no digital inputs and no display, leaving all operations to manual operation, and the design concept of the original model was fresh music reproduction with the advantages of a traditional MOSFET single push-pull. And it has been taken to an even higher level by the high-power response newly acquired in this anniversary model. The reborn VA-40 is the analogue

amplifier to listen to now, amplifying the exciting musical vibrancy that Aura once offered!

□ Innovative Cooling System to maximize power device performance:

The greatest feature of VA-40 rebirth is its elaborate structure, in which a large heat sink with MOSFETs attached is placed at the top, and the main board is supported by rods facing upside down underneath it. Single push-pull drives have the advantage of focused reproducibility, which is difficult to achieve with parallel push-pull, but the minimum quantity of four power devices can reach quite high temperatures. VA-40 rebirth has MOSFETs firmly fixed to a large, squeal-free heat sink with excellent vibration damping properties, and heat is efficiently dissipated through the vents of the lid. MOSFETs that operate under optimum temperature control can continue to show their capabilities without thermal degradation of their characteristics. The main board mounted on the bottom of the heatsink is not affected by the heat and maintains its performance, further improving the durability of the components


□ High-quality components selected through sound quality evaluation and custom-made toroidal transformer:

A new toroidal transformer with a capacity of 200VA was custom made for this amplifier.

The MOSFET adopted the EXICON ECX10P20/ECX10N20 from England, which has been used by high-end brands such as GOLDMUND and NAGRA. And, VISHAY metal film resistors, NICHIKON MUSE series high-grade capacitors, gold-clad contact relays, and many other high-grade components are incorporated to update the original model to a new stage.

□ About Aura manufactured in Japan:

Aura Design Ltd, founded in 1989 in Worthing, England, will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year. The company was founded by Michael Tu, and after seven years of manufacturing in Brighton as a subsidiary of B&W, the brand was transferred to Aura Design Japan, and now Yukim Corporation is producing the products. VA-40 rebirth is designed and manufactured in Japan, front panel and chassis are manufactured in Tsubame-Sanjo City, a world-renowned metalworking facility, to ensure high precision and quality.

A power amplifier is expected to be added in the Aura lineup by the end of 2024.




□ type : VA-40 integrated audio amplifier     

□ inputs : phono(MM) x  1 Line x 3                                      

□ output power : 50W+50W (8Ω normal)                       

□ power consumption : 16W(max.210W)

□ size : W430×H76×D350mm                                            

□ weight : 7.2kg                               

□ expected release date : second quarter 2024

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